What is Web 1.0?

What is Web 1.0?

Understanding web 1.0 in a casual non-technical way will help you get insight into web 2.0 and web 3.0. This article will detail the basics of web 1.0

Web 1.0 is just the first step for World Wide Web also known as WWW. This is just a place where information links each other like a web. You know how spiders build their webs by connecting each silk line to each other, that was the fundamental idea of WWW. It's built on the principle of linking one Web Page(This is a page on the website) to another. For example, from the home page, you can connect to the about us page from there to the contact us page, etc.

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Now back to Web 1.0, Web 1.0 offers people only one-way communication. This means that you can only read the content of the web and cannot communicate with it. Some of the core features include:

  1. It is a static page. This simply means that the content of the web pages does not change, unless it is changed by the content creator or developer. It's just like having a newspaper that is static and the content doesn't change. The only difference is that you might come tomorrow and the owner of the web page might have updated the website.
  2. The contents are delivered from the server's file system. Just like a restaurant having all its daily menu in a file cabinet, daily they will bring out the day's menu for the public to view. The same way Web pages are served in websites.
  3. Those days HTML(This is a scripting language used in developing websites) version 3 was used. We have tags such as frames and tables that are used to position and align elements of the web page.
  4. You remember the guestbook right? That book that guests fill when they come to an office Yes, you do. We use to have such then. Read more about it here.
  5. and several other old and archaic features.

Allow me to rant a little before continuing to write. Sometimes I am happy that I didn't start my journey in web development in the early days. Imagine just writing only HTML without CSS or Javascript to complement it and make it beautiful. Anyways, I am leaving you guys to relocate to the metaverse that Mark is building for us 🤣.

Some of the examples of web 1.0 are personal websites, company websites, etc. The most popular sites then are some company websites such as IBM, Microsoft, etc

In summary, web 1.0 is just the era where the websites are static and read-only. The internet is still in the early stage and still developing. There is nothing much to talk about here, I think we will have more fun discussing web 2.0 and then web 3.0.

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